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Survey Proves Retailers Banning Christmas

Action by Federated Stores Shows The Results We Can Achieve!

I thought you would be interested in a survey we did. We gathered advertising inserts from 11 different companies placed in two papers on Nov. 27 (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal and Memphis Commercial Appeal.) Combined, the inserts totaled 280 pages.

Of the 11 companies, only one—McRae's/Belks—had a reference to "Christmas." They mentioned "Christmas" only two times. The other 10 companies did not mention "Christmas" a single time! While refusing to use "Christmas," they used the term "holiday" a total of 59 times in their 10 inserts.

The companies which refused to mention Christmas a single time in their 260 pages of insert promotions were Target, Kroger, Office Max, Walgreens, Sears, Staples, Lowe's, J.C. Penney, Dell and Best Buy.

Ask these companies why they banned "Christmas" in their in-store promotions and retail advertising and they will tell you they didn't want to offend anyone. They mean, of course, anyone except Christians.

These retailers are willing to use Christmas to secure about 20% of their yearly sales, but they absolutely refuse to mention the Reason for the season.

To see what we can achieve by working together, read the statement from Federated Stores. We boycotted them last year. Click here to see how they have changed.

Please sign our petition below. We are writing every national retailer which bans "Christmas" asking them to change their policy and letting them know how many have signed the petition. Thus far we have nearly 350,000. Our goal is 1,000,000. It is urgent that you sign the petition and forward it to your friends and family. We need numbers so that the national retailers will take notice!

If we will stick together and take action, next year we will see scores of retailers recognizing "Christmas" as a Christian holy day instead of a secular "holiday".

Please click here to sign our petition now!

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
P.S. Be sure to forward this to your family and friends!
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