meanstuff1 (meanstuff1) wrote in conservatism2,

Dems Really Love to Steal Elections

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is planning marches in south Georgia to protest a great injustice being perpetrated on one of their precious own.
What is the injustice you ask? Well it seems that Ronda Cross-Scott, a former Clinch County Commissioner has been jailed following her removal from office in 2004 after it was pointed out that she does not live in Clinch County. Further she registered to vote at multiple addresses. She was facing 14 charges of voter fraud. She pled guilty to 3 charges and was sentenced to 3 months in jail with 15 years of probation.
Apparently this rises to the level of injustice requiring the entire state of Georgia to be shut down. I am sure this is exactly what Dr. King had in mind when he marched at the peak of the civil rights movement.
Can't you just hear the chanting.."we shall overcome!" Indeed Democrats insist on a Constitutional right to commit election fraud.
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