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Beware of a Racist Hurricane!!!

Looks like another racist hurricane is headed for the gulf. The Army Corps of engineers announced today that the levees around New Orleans may not hold if another hurricane hits.

While Mayor Nagin is running around being the biggest jerk in America and making smart assed comments about New York city has he got a useful workable evacuation plan? I mean...a year ago at this time he was being advised to get the people out of town and blew it off.

Does he expect President Bush to personally fly down and drive all the buses or will he call in actual civil servants to do their duty? The irony of his chocolate city is that in the aftermath of last year's hurricane the demographic makeup of New Orleans is much different. More then 1/3 of the population has not returned. Those people tend to be 1. poor and 2. black. The city is demographically much whiter today with more likelihood of financial wealth then it was one year ago.

Regardless Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson and Mayor Nagin are likely all set to bash the administration if this Ernesto slams into the gulf coast. Nevermind that a year ago the President declared a Federal disaster area PRIOR to the storm making landfall. Nevermind that the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans publically blew the President off. The devastation of this ridiculous city was obviously the fault of the White House. Katrina was a racist hurricane that just hated black people exclusively. Oh wait a mean to tell me that the majority of Katrina victims were white?
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