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Delivering the Conservative Message to Combat Campus Liberal Bias

By Jim Brown
November 29, 2005

(AgapePress) - A new group vows to expose and combat liberal bias on university campuses and has launched a website to help in achieving that goal.

The Network of College Conservatives has been launched to provide a voice for students who are being harassed, intimidated, or even shouted down on campus because of their conservative or "right-wing" beliefs. Christopher Flickinger, a columnist for Human Events Online, says he founded the Network to help those students get a well-rounded education because, according to Flickinger, "they're certainly not going to get it from their professors in the classroom."

"I'm going to use the Internet and I'm going to provide these kids with a conservative education," he boldly proclaims, stating his intentions to convey conservative values, conservative views, and "news ... based on conservative principles."

"And while the professors teach them liberal ideology in the classroom, when they're at home, when they're in their dorm rooms, when they're on the computer -- which they are so often -- from me they're going to get the conservative side," Flickinger says.

The columnist says the group's website is a "one-stop shop" for students who wish to voice their concerns over liberal indoctrination. And he says he has already received a good share of hate mail because of his new site, noting college administrators and professors view his website as a threat to their power.

Flickinger says the Network of College Conservatives has been endorsed by economist Richard Vetter and by Peter Hannaford, a close personal friend of Ronald Reagan who worked with the late president during his presidential bids in the 1980s.

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